Pronghorn - Colorado Wildlife Council

Fastest in the West

Pronghorns can reach speeds of 60 mph! The only land animal faster than a pronghorn is a cheetah.

Pronghorns get their name from the shape of their horns, which typically point backward toward their rump and then prong or fork. They are often spotted in the wide open and expansive fields, grasslands and rolling sage brush. Even in dry climates, they don’t drink much water and rely on their diet of grass, sage and other plants as a food and water source. Pronghorns are often mistaken for antelope, but believe it or not, their closest living relative is the giraffe and okapi! But what they lack in height, they make up in speed and are considered the fastest animal in the Western Hemisphere. This is potentially due to prehistoric co-evolution with the long extinct American cheetah. Get outta here, all this information about pronghorns is giraffing me crazy!

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