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It’s Not Easy Being Green

The boreal toad is the only known alpine species of toad in Colorado.

The boreal toad inhabits lakes, ponds and marshes at 8,000 to 12,000 feet in elevation. Only three other amphibian species (two frogs and the tiger salamander) can survive at these elevations in Colorado. Chytrid fungus, a pathogen that causes a fatal skin disease in amphibians, and habitat loss are factors in the drastic population decline of boreal toads. While they’re still endangered, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) habitat restoration projects and boreal toad management plans are set to bring these populations back to healthy levels. Over 133,000 tadpoles, toadlets and adult toads have been raised and reintroduced by CPW. Toadly ribbiting to hear stories of efforts to keep these amphibians from croaking!

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